Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hair Sold?

Hair Sold is the fun and easy way to buy & sell hair related items and services with your phone. Take a picture, enter a short description, and be selling to thousands of potential buyers within seconds. Hair Sold uses your phone's GPS location to reach a multitude of buyers and sellers in your area. And making an offer is as quick and easy as sending a text message.

How is Hair Sold different from Craigslist?

Hair Sold puts a premium on safety and security. User ratings, Facebook, and phone verification allows you to feel confident that those you are trading with are real people and not scamming. Our Hair Sold team checks every item to make sure they match our safety guidelines.

Browsing our images of items sorted by what’s closest to you or search and filter for whatever you are looking for. Like your favorite items, follow your favorite sellers, and make connections with people in your neighborhood.   

Where can users find the Hair Sold app?

The app, available for iPhone and Android devices, can be downloaded for free via the App Store and Google Play marketplace. Hair Sold is free to use for both buyers and sellers. When users compare us to Craigslist and see how simple it is to list an item, how easy it is to contact sellers, and how safe it is to make a deal, they never look back to other platforms.

Users who buy or sell one item successfully are more likely to do so a second time. In each city Hair Sold enters we are rapidly expanding both the number of items listed and sold, and more people are converting to into fans.

How does Hair Sold engage and interact with users?

We reach out to people through media and social networks. In addition, our support team is very active in responding to user issues through all of our channels as soon as possible. We continuously convert Hair Sold just through superior customer service. That, along with actively reviewing each product uploaded, keeps the community healthy and safe which in turn keeps our users returning to the app when it is time to buy or sell.

Is Hair Sold safe and secure?

Safety is our number one priority. Hair has a comprehensive system to identify and quickly disable any account with suspicious or fraudulent activity. Our goal always is to create a vibrant, worry-free marketplace for all users. Hair Sold has safety-conscious features such as shipping options and buy now which is linked to your PayPal account which acts as a money backed product/service guarantee.  


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